Bloom Where You're Planted!


I work in single 30 minutes sessions and bundles of 3- 30 minute sessions with the exception of my program Herban Glow! I love instead to offer conversations that create possibilities and inspirations that you can see and find the excitement to act upon!

Wherever you find yourself right now, my intention  in offering  these one-on-one sessions is to support you in falling madly in love with your life.  I believe that in designing powerful and beautiful rituals for ourselves and beautiful environments to live in, we begin to create a life that we love wherever we find ourselves planted. 


Working with me, you will learn to create a strong physical, emotional and spiritual body through health and wellness practices deeply rooted in our bodies’ natural, seasonal rhythms.


 Clearing the emotional and physical space for a life big enough to be filled with incredible joy and celebration will supply all of the magic necessary to create and fulfill any possibility that you could ever dream of!


Some of the magic that we can create together:


Create your life as a work of art! 

Embrace your essence!

Set and accomplish personal goals in a way that is empowering and exciting , not drudgery!


Create ecstasy in your life!


Create a vision board for your mind , body and spirit.


Working with stress - embracing and healing difficult situations.


Create an overall image for yourself that you love through color , style, art, music and fashion.


Increase your health, energy levels & feel your inherent vitality no matter your age.


Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them into your lifestyle.


Improve your personal relationship with food.

Increase your capacity for embracing sensuality whether you’re alone or in a new or longterm relationship.


Envisioning and calling into existence empowering and satisfying friendships and relationships.  

Create powerful ending and transitions


Create work that you love.

Create a compelling future.


Discover the confidence to create the life that you truly want!


Discovering your personal mission / vision/ wisdom and living in alignment with it. 

A 30 minute session with me is 65.00 or you can book 3 -30 minute sessions (good for 6 months after the purchase date) with me for 180.00. Please go to either link below , click on it and it will take you to the payment page!  I really like to keep things personal so once you've made your payment, please email me or message me through the Wix system and together we will schedule your call!  Then I will send you an email that will include several forms to fill out so that we can make the most of our time together! 

I'm so looking forward to working with you!



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