An ancient tool that helps support harmony & balance!

I will create for you what is called an Orb of Life, which is yours to use forever. The Orb is not a Reiki attunement; it is a gift of strong spiritual and healing Brigid’s Flame Reiki energy that you can use for many purposes. This energy resonates at a very high frequency and may be used to aid the creation of balance, healing and cleansing in your life. It’s a very peaceful and gentle process to use it. I will charge your Orb with energies unique to you that will help guide you as you work through your personal journey of healing. 


Although you will primarily use this for yourself, you can also use the orb for many other great purposes. For example you can use its energy to help promote animal and plant healing or to help relax your spouse, aging parent or child. You can use it to work with planetary energies and amplify the healing energies of the food and water you drink. Once you get used to playing with the energy I am sure that you will enjoy using it a lot.