The Orb of Life- An Ancient Healing tool for Creating Harmony and Balance

Harmony and balance in your life allows wellness and beauty to glow and grow from within.  With stress as a leading factor for general and chronic health issues, a simple solution that provides a means to counter these outside influences is what I offer.  I love to play with the universal energy that is in and around everyone. Through powerful visualization and energy work I can help you build and sustain balance and harmony in your life. This is a very simple process that can be delivered to you utilizing a practice commonly called The Orb of Life.

Give yourself  or someone (2 or 4 legged) you love the gift of bone deep relaxation  that can promote a powerful and healing response.  Both people and  animals can benefit from Reiki energy! I especially love to work with people, horses, dogs and cats and can easily work with them from any distance to produce real and lasting results.  Please make your payment of 35.00 and email me.   Once I receive your payment I will send you an email that will include a form to fill out and once I've received your response and I will deliver your relaxing and supportive Reiki experience within 48 hours by email!

Here is the safe and secure PayPal link:

Yours in Beauty & Magic,


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